Company Profile

Arkas, since 1902, operates in different fields as agency services, ship operations, port operations, multi-modal logistics services; also acting in bunkering, automotive, insurance services, information systems and tourism sectors; with its 61 offices, 7300 employees at 66 different companies. As from 1996, Arkas Line, while relying on 118 years’ experience at the international transportation arena, operates liner services at Black Sea, Mediterranean, North Europe and West Africa with its own 47 container vessels and 6 bunker barges. The professional experience of Arkas Group has contributed to the success of ARKAS LINE which is expanding its coverage while following the trend of the trade.

Africa is the second largest continent in the world, after Asia. Its area (30.370.000 km²) is continuously developing within both levels, economic and social. It has the youngest population of the world despite its title as the oldest continent. One of the rapidly evolving regions, which takes leading positions in growth, is West Africa.  In West Africa, a region of more than 360 million people, there is an immense potential of economies and workforces. Moreover, its natural treasure made the continent a centre of attraction of the entire world. West Africa is the Europe’s largest trading partner in sub-Saharan Africa and vice versa, Europe is West Africa’s biggest trading partner. Europe and West Africa trade in services is expanding, covering notably transportation and logistics, travel and business services. This region offers endless business opportunities and the requirements on the road to success require comprehensive, tailored solutions. ARKAS LINE’s extensive networks in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, North Europe and West Africa allows them to offer transport and logistics services tailored to the customers’ needs.

Arkas’ fascination and passion for the African continent, coupled with the experience and industry know-how, make Arkas an ideal partner for the successful handling of all logistics and shipping to/from Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Benin, Mauritania in the sub-Saharan Africa. Among them Ghana is the most strategic location, since the country is showing promise in providing its people with a stable and thriving prospect for growth and opportunities. Ghana is a key country for Arkas Line touching the West Africa since 2012. And Arkas, thanks to the freight transport volume it has reached in West Africa, particularly in Ghana, established Arkas Ghana Ltd. in 2017, securing its place among the strongest players in the region and maintaining a longterm existince in the market.